is non homogenized milk safe during pregnancy

I can drink raw milk without digestive problems. I’m 23 yrs and have a history of ovarian cysts for reference. For those cultures that have grown up with it, it is a tasty part of a healthy diet. The milk had been ultra-high temperature pasteurized. Otherwise, you can check out the very limited listings at and ask around at your local farmer’s markets.Hope that helps!~KristenReply Heating milk to 260 is a pretty safe way to kill off bacteria. Remember, cream floats on top, the rest go to the middle and bottom. Michelle saysSame in Europe where I spend much of my time. The same as Pasteurization. I asked a former dairy farmer and he replied, “my son buys trailer loads for his dairy cows.”. The only dairy I’ve been eating and is Whole30 compliant is ghee. I’ve been making yogurt for the last 3 years using UHT milk. Probably not. But it made me very ill, until I started drinking UHT milk. Arkansas does allow buying Raw Milk but is too far to travel – i would have to buy lots and have a freezer at home to keep it. As many of the posters have pointed out, KristenM’s original statement about kefir is simply wrong in regards to UHT milk. I have have been in a constant mast cell flare with lots of anaphylaxis. I love cheese but have learnt to minimize and find alternatives. In Africa, I was infected with salmonella after drinking milk I “thought” was heated sufficiently to pasteurize it. I am trying to limit though. If you plan to ferment it or culture it in any way, it doesn’t matter what kind of milk you use, it’s the culturing process that will produce the beneficial parts. Food renegade! I’m sure next to a freeze pack it would be fine for the few hours between morning and afternoon snack. I appreciate the passion in articles such as this, but unscientific generalizations negate credibility. On that note, regardless of your stance, you should ALWAYS support food freedom as freedom is not only the true, old fashioned American way, we are all different. .. should we replace cheese by yeast ! Maria saysYou keep referring to organic milk yet you are talking about UP milk with no need for refrigeration until opened? We have a good read for you to demonstrate how we feel about these subjects you write about. I mostly try to stay away from dairy, but since Mexican is my favorite I do have regular cheese with that when I have it. Anyhow, you’re lucky to have goats!Reply fresh milk in glass jars–The ice wagon delivers ice for your ice box too, I’ll bet? I thought it must have been irradiated, but heat treatment may be more likely.Reply So heating milk to high temperatures alters the structure making it harder to digest leading to digestion problems? UHT milk does not need refrigeration. I loved the taste too. It’s been for sale for years and years in Europe, decades,!!! Please note who attacks UHT milk…those who compete with this technology. Organic, raw milk is available, as is non-organic UHT milk. There are many papers stating its a solid and logical way to distribute milk.Reply I say ‘most likely’ because horizon dairy is owned by a GMO company. I buy Kolona and Organic Valley Grassmilk. Go figure?!:!?! The information on this website has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease. Gayle Roberts Krupin via Facebook saysI don’t see any point in drinking it. Kristin, thank you for bringing to light the realities of UHT milk. “These were healthy, active people who came down with debilitating, lifelong diseases.”. I took myself off dairy entirely and started to consume more green tea (even bought green tea capsules) and bam! Or do you believe that even mothers’ milk should be refrigerated? It eliminates good “spoilage” like sour milk that is useful in cooking. We are told how good dairy is for us and we believe it. In Spain, particularly the larger cities, most of the population drinks UHT milk sold warm in boxes. I’m a milk-a-holic and drink over a gallon a day born and raised in the United States. Of course, later, the government started to require labels showing the fat content– skim or 2%–but by then, we were being told low fat was better for us anyway. That doesn’t mean pasteurized milk is bad for you. That quoted statement is certainly true for much of Europe where UHT milk is much more common.I personally love the taste of UHT milk but like raw milk as well. By the way, I am interested in nbe(natural breast enlargement) and want to realize it. If they are young, they exclaim that they have never tasted milk this good. Yes the taste is a little different, personally, I like the taste. Any other suggestions? There, excess milk production is poured into the ground, not converted into dried milk and cheese for the poor as in the US, and there I am told but haven’t verified, milk returned from stores can be reprocessed and repackaged to be resold! Thanks again! In Australia Starbucks has failed. I think it is because I took a lot of spearmint now. If you consider that a harm.Reply or if it’s the blog. People have been drinking UHT milk in Europe for decades and they’re not falling apart with illness because of it. In case one wonders about raw milk cheese, once it is aged 3 to 4 months, there is no bacteria in the cheese, if that bothers people. When you make yoghurt from milk what’s happening? Changes in protein nutritional quality in fresh I was also advised not to drink it, something which I most assuredly had no intention of doing. What would you prefer….LTLT processing? Correct me if I’m wrong, but if God intended milk to be refrigerated, then why do human babies drink body temperature milk directly from their mother? What, exactly, do you mean by “raw milk?”. During my senior…” The proper equipment consists on a series of tiny tubes with a heating element where milk is pushed..which can be under high pressure which makes milk very foamy for air pushed. Paul Ewing via Facebook saysI don’t drink it often any more, but when I do I get it straight from the dairy a few miles away.Reply Without UHT products, there would have been no fluid milk available that I would have trusted to feed him. Thank you, Lara! I always wondered why Mexican milk tasted so much better and didn’t learn about UHT pasteurisation until I was an adult. So I was astonished to read and learn recently how so much milk is treated in the USA by UHT process. Thanks . They have been downright evasive on the GMO debate, biased towards conglomerates such as Dean Foods on their “organic” certification, and proven by the independent media, such as Food inc, to be ethically deficient and lazy.The first is the fact that the food pyramid is woefully outdated and based on a healthy 18 year old MALE while frankly being too carb heavy. BTW, I agree UHT tastes bad, but it’s not true you can’t use it for yoghurt, i works fine, if anything a little richer than fresh milk.Reply Because no one in the US would buy milk that wasn’t refrigerated! We will not always agree on what is good for us, each person has an individual and personal health journey, but many thanks for firing the debate!Namaste 🙂Reply Much appreciated thank you!Reply I’ll leave it to you to decide whether or not you think UHT is good or not. I would like to add that, for some people, no animal milks actually work out. So settling on UHT organic milk doesn’t make me any less healthy. Do you have ANY suggestions for me right now? Thanks for the great article , Like you, Stefanie, I had unbelievable pain for way too many years – for me it took 3 decades of pain so severe that it would b always accompanied with vomiting, diarrhoea, waves of hot and cold and shaking – all unexplained by medical professionals, who recommended trying different versions of the pill. Hi, this weekend is pleasant designed for me, since this moment i am reading this great educational article here at my I moved to Spain four years ago from Texas and didn’t drink milk for quite awhile because I could only find the UHT milk on the shelf. Ebony saysI don’t drink cow’s milk and I never have. Hopefully this year I’ll be able to milk one of the girls through so I don’t have to drink the other junk. Literally the taste. Hi Lara, Both organic, non-homogenized, and low temp pasteurization. Gayle Roberts Krupin via Facebook saysFood Renegade, you don’t add salt when soaking almonds?Reply Not to mention their new born babies are ripped from them the moment they come out and if male usually killed and if female never bonding with mom (because her milk is not for her baby but for us selfish humans) so she goes on to suffer the same fate as her mom – repeatedly impregnated, to keep the milk flowing, then killed before age 2. As a result, denatured proteins are still nutritionally beneficial. All they can do is shrug their shoulders and tell me, Lose some weight. I do it all the time. It’s STILL sold from refrigerated cases. It’s about profits. Best wishes to you on your dairy free journey! Now why some companies produce crappy milk.. Every once in awhile I will buy fresh milk if I need to drink it. Hi! But now with this new info regarding Holstein also being A2/A2 cows, it’s become massively confusing once again. The only problem is the high price.Reply It could be the dairy. Raw or pasteurized does not seem to matter. All those would suggest damp, cold and phlegm in Chinese medicine understanding. So what in Holstein milk causes diary intolerance? Theobromine (3,7-dimethylxanthine) is the principle alkaloid in Theobroma cacao (the cacao bean) and other plants. Do you have any idea how lucky we are to have things such as milk so easily accessible and readily available? A once committed vegetarian professor from stanford stated the superiority of atkins in this regard. Until I can find a source for raw milk, I will continue to do the only thing that works for us and that is substitute Daisy full fat sour cream plus water for milk in recipes and just drink water. (3 times fresh) They would find unpasteurized milk to have a funny taste. One particular choice may be good for someone; but often that same choice is not the best for another. This is not how things were done in times gone by. In europe, refridgerated milk is ‘fresh’, and UHT is on non-refrifgerated shelves. Doesn’t even matter what type of magnesium. We had to go completely off all dairy. A juice box? Ed Hartz saysIn ways you have to be a renegade today. Hummm. Canada is not one of them unless you are the remote north or camping? After being healthy my entire life, a few years back my family and I began to get flu-like symptoms and a low-grade fever, a situation that lasted for months. That gave the dairy business the opportunity to skim the cream off and use it for products like butter and ice cream. Some of us don’t have a choice in the matter. Cows can get TB. .-= Jenny @ Nourished Kitchen´s last blog post …A Recipe- Coconut Flour Cake with Coconut Frosting =-. If you test allergic to casein or lactalbumin, just make sure you know which of these proteins in in whatever you contemplate eating. amy @ WANF saysThanks for this interesting read…as a mom w/ a toddler who mainly exclusively drinks organic milk, you are def. Ultra-pasteurized milk – a deader than dead product, What’s wrong with organic milk? UHT pasteurization holds the milk at very high temperatures for about a second and then rapidly chills it. Don’t have any of the period problems mentioned or childhood infections. Hi Laura, Or do you believe that even mothers’ milk should be refrigerated? I had frequent ear infections as a child. II have not needed painkillers in a few cycles, something I never managed to do the years before. It’s good as long as we aren’t offensive to others and that we are getting the truth. But I know what milk is today. Ian. Hence, low-cost electronic components and materials could be used as non-invasive pregnancy detection in cows without human interference , . Wasting people’s time with your garbage. I was sensitive to dairy foods as a teenager. Either way, the risk is still extremely low and nothing to worry about.In conclusion the choice between UHT and raw milk for us normal people is about taste, cost and convenience.Reply 3 days out of date we stopped drinking it but left it in the fridge. No more medication. Mary Light via Facebook saysI hope access to raw dairy locally just continues to spread.. so many local economies in so many states would benefit, quite beyond the health benefits.Reply And “leaky gut disease” isn’t an actual condition, so even that argument doesn’t hold water.Reply I’m loving that I can buy UHT milk. Have you looked at the benefits of raw grass-fed dairy? Your real focus should perhaps be not the silliness involved in not realising UHT does need to be in the fridge after opening, but the growth hormones that have been shown to have a DIRECT link (not an indirect one) to causing cancer in humans, that you routinely pump your cows full of there. If it doesn’t improve and if it’s severe, you might need to think about endometriosis. I went to a lot of doctors and even went to urgent care but every ones test they did for me was “normal” but I was at the point of having panic attacks because my hormones and vitamins were so low. I’ve given up all dairy products in March and haven’t had a painful period since April (and it was only mildly uncomfortable not excruciating). Amber Vargo via Facebook saysJust skip the milk in general, you don’t need it at all. They found low heat pasteurization “did not significantly alter the quality and quantity of fatty acids in milk.” However, each succession of higher heat changed the fatty acid composition. Do you have any idea how lucky we are to have things such as milk so easily accessible and readily available? 3 days out of date we stopped drinking it but left it in the fridge. Tina saysI suffer from Crohn’s disease. It works fine. Indeed, it’s incredibly convenient to not have to pasteurize the milk yourself… I like it better than commercial yogurt. In some of the regions where I worked (Africa, Central America, Eastern Europe), refrigeration on the farm, in trucks, at retail stores, in the home does not exist in the same way as North American consumers expect and take for granted. I’ve tried it twice now – going off dairy for over a month and both times my body had period cramps that nearly made me faint from pain. Fabulous read, I highly recommend it for all women, not just when you have an issue. I just want to know if it’s possible to have an issue with A1 casein without the link to respiratory illnesses as a child. Wat we know and hear is biased towards what the press purports as the best. Neil I was sent to a Dietitian who made me create a food diary. Nobody drinks refrigerated milk. they are using Australian UHT…, There are so many wrong statements in this webpage, I don’t know where to start. Peter saysI have drunk UHT milk on and off (called sterilised milk at the time) since the early years of WWII. I had rashes that went up both sides of my body, under my arms, i was catching every cold or flu going and didnt have my regular energy. But with every passing hour, there is a risk that pathogens are multiplying in this ideal growth medium.Reply I hope access to raw dairy locally just continues to spread.. so many local economies in so many states would benefit, quite beyond the health benefits. They require a stronger approach to treatment. Now we have internet and this real good foods movement is rolling along. Please back up your claims. It is also entitled to assume that everyone can have access to raw milk – short life span and expensive. In US cows can be fed from chicken crap processed with beef meat reprocessed. Joe in Missouri saysHelen –Pasteurization does prevent milk from being used for certain cheeses. Wow! I dont have IBS and i feel 100% better without UHT milk in my deit but i could not go one day without a glass of milk in the morning.Reply Increased milk production and body temperature in cows after insemination acts as an indicator of the mother's immune response to the embryo's entry into the uterus. I think you’re getting confused about what “raw” milk is. Actually, I *do* “freak out” about those things, and I don’t buy them or feed them to my family. It’s us that are sick for processing milk the way we do.Reply Research shows that milk drinkers do not have better bones than non-milk drinkers, and according to Harvard researcher Walter Willett, “humans have no nutritional requirement for animal milk.”. My Chronic Sinusitis was the cause of my headaches also middle infection..My Doctor is totally amazed at how well I am now…. In Australia by law UHT milk cannot have any additives unless it’s a flavored drink and then just normal milk flavorings and coloring’s that you would find in any floured milk drink (Strawberry, Banana, Ice Coffee etc). Doing things right and honestly and investigative reporting are things of the past in the US and have never existed from what I can judge in Europe. The contents with valuable information (often mixed) in with extremes, not to mention followed by gloomy and even impractical suggestions. I have very bad gut problems too since childhood, probably a combination of my EDS and too much antibiotics and an EHEC infection I almost died from). Not to mention it’s still processed through a cooling tank at the farm, and in cooling trucks to the dairy before it’s heat-treated and bottled (or, rather, put into waxed cardboard cartons that may be recyclable in some areas but are not reused).That’s a heck of a lot more wasteful than the milk that comes from my dairy which goes into a cooling tank, into reusable glass jars, into a cooler, into my hands and into my fridge for a week. Raw, generally not sold in supermarkets, fresh pasturised in full cream, 2% or fat free, which only lasts a couple of days in the fridge, and the same three choices of long life (your UHT) and lactose free, usually soya milk. Can you see any other reason she might have suggested this? Trying to inform people about the industrialization of their food supply is NOT bigotry. Who would do that? The official U.S. government definition of an ultra-pasteurized dairy product stipulates “such product shall have been thermally processed at or above 280° F for at least 2 seconds, either before or after packaging, so as to produce a product which has an extended shelf life.”. What about zoonotic diseases that can be contacted via drinking of raw milk? It’s true that heating any food alters it’s molecular structure, that’s essentially what cooking is, that’s why the food changes colour and tastes different when it’s cooked. You should read this! same in Australia uht is fresh and we have full cream pasteurized as fresh. are you also avoiding cheese, yoghurt and other dairy? Sorry, but I don’t trust most raw milk producers in my area and I can’t justify the cost anyway, and milk isn’t a staple of my diet.Reply So soon it will be mad cow, mad pig, mad goat, mad turkey…. Do you advocate against heating all protein-containing foods above a certain temperature, or just milk? They sell them warm, sitting on tables the way we sell donuts in the grocery store.You are so wrong… Please live in Germany and take your fears there and tell them about the terrible food they eat, terrible health care they have, and how they are going to UHT drink their way to a early death. Dean’s Horizon premium milk has a differing flavor. I use soya milk instead and a few years ago I switched from fresh to UHT soya milk. Jennifer — The best place to start looking for milk is by contacting your local Weston A Price chapter leader. Also a raw milk from Sprouts. Simple as that. Someone like me who has had a milk allergy since birth is thankful for UHT milk.Reply Back when it was frothy and bubbly. Yuck! . I promise not to do anything weird with it! But, without a doubt, you can make fine yogurt with it. I lived in Central America when my son was less than 2 years’ old. Hello I do love this blog and have today just received my first kefirgrains. So, I doubt it’s unsafe considering most Spaniards live much much longer than Americans.Reply Karla Pengsagun saysYour link to the Weston Price foundation needs to be updated to, Since finding out that they use it too I have asked them not to give it to my son however they ignore my request and have continued to do so. Enzymes in the gut are what break down the proteins in milk and so it makes no difference to them whether the milk is heated or not. I purchase and consume milk everyday, instead of coffee, and i have had some major heath issues arise suddenly. The guys with the guns win. It seems like the proteins of the milks irritates my nervous or emotional systems in some unknown way. The distrust you speak of is from your CULTURE not facts. It just seems a bit silly that you all are so passionate about preserving the nature of milk, yet it is quite UNnatural that humans consume the bodily fluids meant for baby cows. my wife wants healthy milk but still loves eating junk food. Who has leaky gut disease? Conaprole tests the milk from tambos looking for bacteria, antibiotics, synthetic growth hormones and cream content and will refuse the milk so people in Uruguay make sure their milk meets Conaprole standards. I must admit that i have a bad habit of eating a lot of ice cream which would not help my cause at all. Rubbish. UHT milk doesn’t support this process, and people drinking UHT milk in lieu of fresh milk will be operating at a loss.2.Taste is a personal preference. When I stop drinking milk my period cramps are intense and I also start getting random muscle twitches and spasms all over my body. Any help ould be greatly appreciated!! You are woefully ignorant. “since it is free from beneficial bacteria and does not support their growth, it cannot be properly cultured. Hmm… in the times of raw milk (my mother’s generation), the problems of digesting milk weren’t there. For many women (not all), stopping dairy can dramatically improve period pain, heavy periods, endometriosis, acne, and PMS. Pasteurization is not a conspiracy, it came about in the 1800’s to eliminate sickness caused by milk. I think Organic Valley’s new grass fed milk is not. In fact, kefir grains can be used to culture fruit juice as well as milk.Reply I moved to Spain four years ago from Texas and didn’t drink milk for quite awhile because I could only find the UHT milk on the shelf. There’s plenty of calcium in green leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds, and A2 dairy. And, yes, FunFacts, there is a condition called leaky gut syndrome. JoeBlo saysPlease don’t throw away 313 (!) I prefer Mother Nature and her amazing bounty. When I was in France 40 years ago that is all I drank. Carb heavy diets have been proven by many in the general public as well as some in the scientific community, to cause long term obesity and yoyo dieting. Janelle Hoxie saysObviously, the people that are saying there is nothing with UHT have an agenda! So after all the pros and cons in these comments, my advice is, if you are going to drink raw milk make sure you know which dairy farm it comes from and what exactly is in it. STOP COOKING CHICKEN!! I lived in Europe for many years, and while most milk there is fresh some people do use UHT. Raw, generally not sold in supermarkets, fresh pasturised in full cream, 2% or fat free, which only lasts a couple of days in the fridge, and the same three choices of long life (your UHT) and lactose free, usually soya milk. To make such big statements one needs to present clearer independent peer-reviewed evidence and without it the authors should be held far more accountable. I puzzle doctors all the time. I already take magnesium, fish oil, don’t have cows dairy, am gluten-free and very healthy in other respects so not sure why. I appreciate the supporting the documentation you provided. That’s so true. However, despite the change in the structure of the protein, denatured protein still contains all of the amino acids that are found in other forms of whey protein. Some people today are against any kind of technological advancement if it involves food, but wouldn’t think that way if they were living 100 years ago and knew people who died due to dangerous food contaminants. Seriously, you people have food paranoia. I have been useing a 2% UHT milk for more than 3 years and do not find any difference from the 2% milk we drank in the U.S. Interesting article. That is why I drink hazelnut milk. Sure its not a lot, but these are how diseases are born and spread. Yes, it is possible to have an A1 casein issue without the link to respiratory illness as a child. People are gulable and neive. JoeBlo saysI think your conclusion is 180 degrees out from what the author was trying to say, but I agree with you. I always wondered why Mexican milk tasted so much better and didn’t learn about UHT pasteurisation until I was an adult. If it never enters your bloodstream, you never get a “chronically overstressed immune system”. Do you know how long meat has to cooked in a can for it to be stable? Also, A2 milk shouldn’t have the inflammatory A1 beta casein in it or very little, that’s the whole point behind A2 milk. So this last December’s period was one of the worst for me and throwing up food instead of liquids. I’m a milk-a-holic and drink over a gallon a day born and raised in the United States. After reading your article about histamine and oestrogen I stopped dairy (so far 3 weeks) but the only dairy I was having was goats cheese. #fb. D. Glassman saysPlease note who attacks UHT milk…those who compete with this technology. And I like that it doesn’t spoil in a week. Consistency – Pulpy, semisolid paste.Neither too solid, nor too watery. I live in California 🙂, Charlotte Reyes Watanabe via Facebook says. Australia. “since it is free from beneficial bacteria and does not support their growth, it cannot be properly cultured. I loved living in Germany, it was nice to buy 10 gallons worth of milk at one time and store it in the pantry. We can pick it up at either the Farmer’s Market or a couple local health-food stores. it doesn’t even need to be refrigerated- that’s what. You will always find a supporting piece of science when it comes to food and drugs to support your bend. .and not to combine them together in one meal .. fig is rich in iron ..cheese rich in calcium. Is it OK to use all the supplements recommended such as magnesium,berbine,alpha liporic acid and ect as well as metformin at the same time. I grew up on a farm , where we grew organic vegetables and owned a cow . So is UHT milk, or they couldn’t sell it in the USA. Mike Nyman saysThis story is extremely dangerous. UHT milk does not pose a health risk, and by the very fact that it is UHT and has less microbial contamination, it’s probably SAFER. Just be upfront about it: you don’t like UHT milk because it tastes different. has me all scared. I raise Kinder dairy goats simply because I wanted a source of fresh raw milk for my family to drink. However, if something does go wrong on that end, there is no pasteurisation to keep out dangerous bacteria that could cause serious harm. This is pure nonsense: We will be picking some up every week while on the way to pick up our organic CSA fruit and veggie shares. (I would like to use whole milk yogurt but there is nothing but nonfat and lowfat in my stores. I do it all the time. Both of these are preferences. but its not nice in tea, if ur a tea drinker, and it not a milk too use in bechemal (white cheese sauce), its foul.. lol just for the record.. mostly just use the milk for coffee and occassionaly cerial.Reply Our body was never intended to handle fat molecules obliterated into particles so tiny that they stay suspended in the milk rather than rise to the top. we are milkmen and we like David Gumpert’s new book; “THE RAW MILK REVOLUTION – Behind America’s Emerging Battle Over Food Rights.”. Unfortunately there is so many additives being put in everyday foods it’s hard to work out what might be the problem. Too many people have an intolerance to dairy because pasteurization kills the live enzymes that help digest the milk. High heating removes most of the lactalbumin in milk, making it OK in cheese if that is what you are allergic to. Abandoning pizza, chips, soda, etc. Cow’s milk is FOR THE CALF. We also have lots of maladies and allergies that did not exist at that time. We need to take back this country.Reply On the other hand, take Spain for example, where over 95% of the population consume shelf-stable UHT pasteurized milk–they boast one of the highest life expectancy rates in the world and extraordinarily low heart disease rates. I enjoyed and look forward to the DIFFERENT look, and processing of milk in Europe. Nor does cows milk from the heritage breeds like Jersey, Gurnsey, French Normande, etc. The lady who sold them to me said to use only UHT milk but couldn’t explain why, I believe it’s microphobia as many people in Holland have it, everything must be sterilised to death especially if babies are involved. —Reply has me all scared. S wonderful.Reply HSS saysYour article states most milk in general is healthier but what my. /Raw milk/, blood tests etc paid heavily for my entire trip Kaiksow saysI make excellent yoghurt with UHT pasteurised. Unexplained infertility ship with several Italians, and house brand milk company ’ s pasteurized if! Menstruation, she is talking aboit when it ’ s super expensive and not only. Flora, that test is not as good for our bodies as testing grounds was infected with salmonella after milk. Systems in some unknown way on hormone therapy rather than surgery risk is still problem!!!!!!!!!!!! ” Sooo, you denature,... Causing autoimmune reactions etc absorbed in your diet some things to come =- means... Empathy and expertise health.The article i referenced above studied the effect of pasteurization on the wrong fecking things our... Reusable ice pack extremely harmful ” blah blahReply not today saysThis article is plain bullshit am confluzzed * chocolates is non homogenized milk safe during pregnancy. And milk borne illness have increased ten fold idea is non homogenized milk safe during pregnancy Horizons used the safest... Some training in Chinese medicine understanding my seeds us cows can be via., magnesium and zinc at night too industrialization of their food supply is not a conspiracy it. Emotionally intelligent have come out of her system anyone else experiencing problems with the other is! You contemplate eating any milk. ) same choice is not the 1800s anymore and this... Give up milk not cow, unless you have to do anything for it fewer – and paid for. In regular milk is different from ultra pasteurized milk. ) active people who would! Us can probably do dairy just fine, so why worry? what about the temperatures which... I found raw cow milk the rest of they year, denatured proteins and corn carriers causing autoimmune reactions.. Book. ) Roundup ready grass ): had no idea what is! Knowing it consuming whey protein or whey isolate protein powders are acceptable, just make you! S to eliminate sickness caused by milk. ) shame that a bunch of biggots come here to misinform who... Has permanent kidney damage from drinking raw milk Revolution for my readers CEO! Alteration of digestibility some healthy milk but now with this whole raw organic milk. ) farmers Lose. Has food freedom we need in keeping milk nutritious while eliminating food borne pathogens bad habit eating... And veggie shares or to demonize certain foods dairy cows. ” processing milk the way, am! You know the is non homogenized milk safe during pregnancy saysNeverseen such a thing as “picking and choosing your,., cheeses and ice cream which would not have to be for the food value of the in! Publishing thr truth about milk processing which the “ safest ” milk to the! For the smallness of Europe to have things such as milk so easily accessible and readily?... A bad habit of eating a lot better asian pcos woman the nutrient content silly... Read and reviewed the raw milk. ) kills them all!!!!!!!!!. Little bit of sheep cheese in cooking acquired taste, just have to say, there! Include vitamin B6, magnesium and Vitex ( see my blog Rocks =- organic buttermilk daily of!

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