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The following are resources available to industry members and consumers on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) and food safety. The Food and Drug Administration, CDC, Produce Safety Alliance and Nevada Department of Agriculture offer guidance for producers and consumers regarding COVID-19 and food-safety risks. COVID-19 is already changing the way we interact with and produce food. Ultra Clorox Disinfecting Bleach and Sanidate 5.0 are two examples of sanitizers commonly used on the farm. Produce Safety Alliance. PSA Trainer's Page. Use this checklist as a guide to help strengthen your plan. As our knowledge of the COVID-19 virus grows, we need to review our COVID-19 Safety Plan to ensure that it remains effective and relevant to protect our workplaces and communities. Register a Course. This alliance is a team of MIT faculty and experts, led by Professors Simon Johnson, Retsef Levi, Kate Kellogg, and Vivek Farias. Each product’s label provides detailed usage instructions. We believe both convalescent plasma transfusion and hyperimmune globulin potentially have important roles to play, so it is important to understand the two approaches. Safe Food California – Unfortunately, we have canceled SFC 2020. The CoVIg-19 Plasma Alliance welcomes a wide range of efforts to fight COVID-19, including vaccines and other treatments. North Carolina State ... • Institute for Food Safety at Cornell University COVID-19 office hours • Additional Efforts 6 . COVID-19 Safety Plan - Checklist. Coronavirus Guidance for Food Facilities – An article written by Jon Kimble, Senior Food Safety Manager detailing steps a food processing facility should take under these circumstances. Course Requirements and Modifications. PSA Temporary Remote Delivery ... Produce Safety Alliance This webinar will be led by Richard Stup, PhD, Cornell Agricultural Workforce Development, Elizabeth Bihn, PhD, Director of Produce Safety Alliance at Cornell, and Anu Rangarajan, PhD, Director of the Cornell Small Farms Program. An email has been sent to all attendees regarding refunds options. Produce Marketing Association is working to provide resources, updates and support for members of the fresh fruit, vegetable and floral industries throughout the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) situati Produce Safety Educator’s Call #49 September 28, 2020 Natalie Seymour . Food Industry Virtual Office Hours Thursday, January 7, 2021 | 12:00 to 1:00 pm (EST) The New York Integrated Food Safety Center of Excellence and the IFS@CU invite you to join us for our first session of Food Industry Virtual Office Hours in the New Year.Join us for a facilitated discussion and Q&A where our invited panelists will address your questions on COVID-19. COVID-19 Food Safety For Produce Auctions (UPDATED 04/14/2020) Best Practices for Direct Market Sales (Brief) (UPDATED: 04/06/2020) Steps for Markets & Market Managers COVID19 & Community Gardens; Receiving & Packing Food The Produce Safety Alliance has a fact sheet with information on how to select a sanitizer. Upcoming Courses. Link to join COVID-19 and Your Produce Farm webinar. As we each look to control the spread and impact of COVID-19, there are many questions around the risks associated with food production and to our employees to ensure that a safe and robust food supply is maintained for the public. Below you can find useful links to expert resources to help address your specific questions. PSA Grower Training Course Information.

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